5 Advantages to Dial Up Internet

In the modern broadband era of blazing fast internet connections and next generation technologies, you would be forgiven for thinking that dial up internet has no place in the modern internet world. You might even have thought it was completely obsolete. But you would be wrong and you might be surprised to learn that dial up is still alive and strong across the world. Here in the UK alone, dial up internet providers are still used by many people from all areas.

We have put together a list of advantages to using dial up internet access.

1. Cheap

Dial up is excellent for people who use the internet occasionally or want control over their costs because you only start getting billed when you connect, once you disconnect you stop getting charged. Therefore the amount you use is completely in your hands. And with super low costs per minute, it has never been better for getting cheap dial up.

2. Simple Access

Setting up a dial up connection is made simple with an installer. WIth just a few clicks on the mouse button and easy to follow onscreen instructions, you can be online browsing in seconds.
We also provide the login information so that you can also set it up yourself.

3. One Bill

Dial up internet access is very convenient because it integrates into your existing telephone bill, no need to change anything. It will simply come up as a charge to a 0845 number and you just pay your bill the same way you have been doing for years. No forms to fill out, no phone calls to make, no headaches.

4. Reliable

Pay as you go dial up is always available because it works through the phone lines. The phone lines are extremely reliable which means your internet connection will be too. Another benefit is that you don't need to share your connection with anyone, it's just you and your dial up internet connection.

5. Available Everywhere

Because it uses the telephone lines to access the internet, dial up internet is available to anyone with a telephone. Which means everyone. All you need is a simple modem which already comes with nearly all laptops or computers. Plug in your cable and you're good to go, no technical details, no fuss. Dial up is the perfect choice for people outside of broadband areas or for people in more remote areas.