What is Pay as You Go Internet?

You´ve come across the term "pay as you go" so many times with your mobile phones you already know what it means. But in regards to your internet connection, now that is another story! Pay as you go Internet is a form of Internet connection whereby you only pay for what you use, just like your phone calls. It is also known as dial-up Internet. That may bring to mind the extremely slow dial-up Internet of the past which prevented you from using your telephone line. However, this is different. Using our ISDN dial-up technology, the Internet connection is so much faster, even being compared to broadband speed.

In this current time where people are looking to cut cost due to the economic climate, pay as you go Internet is very helpful. You dial up our 0845 access number, which is about 1p per minute during off-peak hours, and you only pay for the time you spend online. Once you're done, disconnect and that´s all you pay for. Simple, cheap and hassle-free because we don´t ask you to sign up for anything at all or take your details.

Give us a try today with our pay as you go dial-up and find out how good PAYG dial-up is.