What Good is Pay As You Go?

Pay as you go, popularly known as PAYG, is a very popular term which was introduced with the mobile phone boom of the 1990s, has stuck around for a bit and from the looks of things is here to stay. The term "pay as you go" initially came from the Economic sector for a financial policy whereby capital projects are managed using the current and available revenue as opposed to borrowing funds to finance the projects. It was seen as a way to ensure budgets were not overdrawn and extra funds not spent unless necessary.

Since then, pay as you go has been used in reference to Internet connectivity, mobile phones and other sectors. Mobile phones have a tariff called PAYG, whereby you credit your mobile phone with a certain amount of money, which gives you access to the network to make calls, send text messages and transfer data until the available credit on your account is spent. Once the credit runs out, you are disconnected and all outgoing activities are discontinued until the account is credited again.

Another example of a sector making use of pay as you go is energy companies. They often offer pre-payment meters usually used for electricity and gas supply. These meters work in the same way that the mobile phone PAYG tariff does, by ensuring that there is a certain amount of credit loaded onto the account before electricity or gas is supplied. Once the available credit runs out, the supply is discontinued until credit is paid back into the account.

So, what good is pay as you go in these instances? It is a method of budgeting, ensuring you do not spend more than you can afford. It is also a way of making sure that you only pay for what you use and nothing more.

PAYG dial-up Internet applies this system to browsing the internet. In particular, rather than paying a constant rate for a broadband connection that you quite probably don't use 24 hours a day, you can dial-up to our PAYG service and only pay for the time you spend online. Once you disconnect, that's it, not a penny more will be charged. You're not paying for an idle line, unlike most other connections. Our pay as you go dial-up Internet service is available using our dial-up access number, 0845 6043041, for as little as 1p per minute off-peak. Why not start reducing your Internet connection cost by using our pay as you go dial-up services today?