Cheap Dial Up Internet

The world is growing more and more web-based. While it is essential to have an internet connection to stay connected with the world, it is not necessary to pay exorbitant monthly fees for broadband internet access. Dial up internet providers can give you access to the world wide web without the fees with cheap dial up internet. It may seem like dial up internet is an anachronism, but there are actually several dial up ISPs providing cheap dial up internet.

What does cheap dial up internet mean? It means no monthly fees for internet access. While broadband internet providers charge a hefty monthly rate for internet access, most dial up internet providers will only charge you for usage. Rates for usage are as low as 1p per minute. If you aren't perpetually glued to the screen, you can save a significant amount of money by switching to cheap dial up.

In addition to all that you save, many dial up internet providers also offer additional benefits to your dial up internet connection. With your dial up subscription, many dial up ISPs give you unlimited POP3 email addresses, aliases and forwarding addresses, all of them with SPAM filters and anti-virus filters to protect your inbox from persistent malware. Some dial up internet access also comes with an allocation of web space. With this web space, you can create a website for your business, a personal blog to update your family and friends about your life, a collection of funny pictures of cats - the possibilities are limited by your imagination, and it's not like you lost any money on the web space anyway.

Dial up internet providers make internet set-up very easy. Most registrations are just a few clicks away. However, you will need a dial up modem in order to connect to the internet. Most dial up providers support common routers, like 56K, V90, V92, ISDN 64K and 128K modems and routers. You will want to check what is supported nevertheless. If you do not have a dial up modem yet, a few ISPs can provide customer support from modem installation to the final steps in your dial-up internet connection.

Stop paying expensive monthly fees for your internet connection. There are internet providers ready to provide you with cheap dial up internet. From the low pay-per-use rates to the benefits that come with your subscription, you have little to lose and much to gain.