Dial Up Connections

Dial up connections are connections to the internet that needs no infrastructure other than a telephone network. Where the telephone connection is widely available, dial up remains useful and it is often the only choice for remote areas, where broadband installations are not prevalent due to low population density and high maintenance cost. However dial up requires time to establish this connection this could be up to several seconds depending on the location.

You can also use a dongle to access dial up connections through your network provider which allows you to get connected to the internet, the most common ones are Vodafone, three, t-mobile, orange or O2. A dongle is a USB device that allows you to access the internet with a 3G mobile broadband connection. It can be referred to as a dongle, USB modem, internet stick, Dongles are popular because they offer greater flexibility than fixed line connections and can be used on the go and they are great because they are about the size of a memory stick.

The pros and cons of a dongle:

The pros:

  • Mobile dongles are often free when taken out with a contract phone
  • It is convenient because you can take it everywhere
  • Developments have seen the dongle become a handy small device that is sleeker and faster
  • They run on the battery of your computer or laptop so do not need to be charged.

  The cons:

  • Speeds are low reaching a max of 21mb which means it will take an age to download web pages
  • Coverage is dependent on mobile phone reception, so the mobile black spots that annoy you will also affect the 3g broadband.
  • Data limits are small, it’s ok for basic tasks but for everyday hard use there is a long way to come

People that are in more remote areas are usually the main users of a dongle or people who travel around a lot because it is makes for easy access to the internet without being tied down to a router. This type of connection method is favoured because of the main reason which is it is easy to transport and readily available when it is needed. You basically pay for what you use with a dial up connection you sign up through the websites page so that it can monitor how much you use and then at the end when you go to log off you pay the fee through a secure transaction and is generally a lot cheaper than having a broadband link.