Dial Up Internet Connection

A dial up internet connection is not completely obsolete as this modern broadband age would have it seem. While broadband is certainly pervasive in city areas and locations with higher population densities, dial up internet connections are more the norm in less populated areas. Because broadband internet requires setting up the proper (and expensive) infrastructure in an area in order to provide fast internet service to the area. However, if there aren't many people in the area or many potential subscribers, internet service providers don't have much incentive to set up broadband in a rural area.

It's becoming increasingly essential to have an internet connection. Email is a way to keep in touch with people, and websites have all of the information that are replacing newspapers and the Yellow Pages. Even folks in less populated areas need internet, and that is where dial up internet access continues to thrive. Instead of needing all of the extra infrastructure, dial up internet access only requires a telephone landline and a modem. With the pervasiveness of telephone connections in the country, anyone can gain access to the internet with just a dial up modem and some minor set up with a dial up internet provider.

Dial up internet connection is admittedly neither the fastest nor the most reliable. Because it relies on telephone lines for its internet connection, if a phone call goes through or there is much noise on the line or there are many people connected to the same line, dial up speed can be extremely slow if you haven't lost your dial up connection in general. However, if you are connected to a relatively clear line, the fastest dial up modem will transfer data at 56 kilobits per second. This means that your standard webpage will take about 7 seconds to load, but only if you haven't visited the website before in the past. Many dial up ISPs have a cache that stores information from websites that you've previously visited. Instead of loading up images or data anew each and every time, caches will store some of the data and have it ready to load the next time you visit the website. It is in these minor ways that dial up internet connections combat their reputation as being intolerably slow. Being that it is cheaper and has wider access, dial up internet is a considerable alternative to broadband.