How To Increase The Speed Of Dial Up

Dial up internet has many uses and is convenient for many users. It can however at time be temperamental as it does not always work at speeds we would like it to. There are ways however to improve the speed of your dial up connection so that you can maximise your browsing experience.

Make use of tabbed browsing

If your browser has a tab feature that allows you to open numerous pages on the same window use it. This prevents you from having to open entire new windows that will slow down the connection.

Turn on your pop up blocker

Turning on your pop up blocker will prevent advertisements from popping up on your screen. Each time a pop up appears it takes up the amount of bandwidth you have slowing down your dial up connection. You can turn on your pop up blocker by going into ‘tools’ on your web browser and selecting ‘options’. You can then click on the ‘content’ tab and check the box labelled ‘block pop up windows’ you can then press ‘save’.

Anti Virus Program

Open up your anti-virus program and scan your computer to for any viruses you may have on the computer. The scan should automatically remove any viruses found such as malware or spyware. Any viruses on your computer can significantly slow down your computer so it is important to do this on a regular basis. If you do not have an anti-virus programme you will be able to install one from the internet.

Delete clutter

It is a good idea to delete your history, cookies and cache on a regular basis as it all stores up on your computer slowing down your connection. You can delete these items by opening your web browser and entering ‘tools’ and selecting ‘options’. There should be menus that allow you to delete the items you want rid of. The location will vary depending on what web browser you use.

We browser

When using dial up you should download a reliable and fast web browser such as Opera and Firefox. They work better with dial up as they store pages on the browser that you have visited previously and improve their coding to make them more efficient and speedy.

Uninstall browser add-ons

Remove any browser add-ons or plug-ins that you do not need or want. These will slow down your internet connection. You can remove these items by selecting the windows ‘start’ button and entering ‘control panel’. Click on the ‘add or remove programs’ tab and remove what you do not want by selecting ‘change/remove’ this will uninstall the items.