How to Make Your Computer Faster with Dial Up

Date posted: August 28th, 2013

You may not believe this but you can actually make your computer faster with dial up. This is because when it comes to connecting to the internet then the dial up method is generally much slower than other options.

However with dial up you can get three speed rates:

The DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) also called the local interface is the rate at which your computer links up with your modem. Your data transfer speed should receive no less than 57,000 bps for a standard 33.6kbps modem.

The DCE (Data Communications Equipment) commonly called the connection speed, is the rate at which the webpages go back and forth from modem to modem. The remote interface speed is the rate at which the receiving modem and its computer transmits the data.

To increase the speed you should set the DTE to maximum speed and enable the compression. To do this first close any open internet connections, next go to the start menu and click “control panel”. Choose “printers and other hardware” and then select the “phone and modem” options.

Then go to the modems tab and highlight the active modem and click the “properties” button to bring up another window and select the “advanced” tab and click the change default preferences. Go to data connection preferences area and click the drop down arrow next to the port speed setting. Select the fastest that is available from the list and click apply or ok.

To set the default compression, click the drop down arrow next to the setting and choose “Enabled” Press “OK” to exit and that will then save all of your changes that you have made.

Some of the other factors that you can consider when controlling dial up could be:

That if the air vents around your computer are covered or restricted then it may mean that your computers CPU could overheat and this In turn will influence the way modem works. As a general rule if the computer is in an environment where no obstructions are the hardware’s vents then it will work much better.

All of these three components influence the dial up connection, so if your modem is set for maximum performance and your online internet service provider remote interface speed does not support it then transmissions will slow down so that is something that you need to check.
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