DIY Dial Up Connections

Date posted: October 15th, 2013

Dial up internet has virtually been forgotten after new and advanced internet methods have become available, however dial up is still one of the most reliable methods of connecting to the internet, despite its slower speeds. So how do you set up a dial up connection yourself and in quick time?

Before you do anything, you will need to contact an internet service provider. This is who and how you will gain internet access from and you should be given a username and password along with a phone number, this is of course so that you can log onto your account. Once you have sorted your internet provider and your account out, you can then begin to set up the dial up connection by yourself. First of all, plug a telephone cord into the back of your computer. If you don’t know which slot the cable goes into, find the only one that will fit. The other side to this chord should be in a telephone jack outlet that should be found in your house on a wall. You should know the whereabouts of this socket before you begin.

Once you have the telephone lead plugged into your computer, go to the control panel on the start option of your computer. From here, your next click should be on the icon that says network and sharing centre. Double click on the icon to go onto that specific page. To create a new connection, select ‘set up a new connection or a network’ which should have an icon of two computers with a plus sign in-between them.

After you have selected this option, another box should pop up on your screen titled ‘set up a connection or network’. In this box, you should have a few options such as ‘connect to the internet’, ‘set up a new network’, ‘connect to a workplace’ or ‘set up a dial-up connection’. You will then select the connect to the internet option. You will then be asked about how you actually want to connect out of the broadband and dial up option and of course you will set up a new dial up connection.

From this new box that will appear, you will then have to enter the dial up phone number, your username and password that you internet provider should have given you (first step). From here, you are basically done, name your connection whatever you wish and select create and you are ready to go!
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