Dial Up Provides AOL With Most Profits

Date posted: March 25th, 2013

Many within the modern day have ditched the somewhat old fashioned however trusted method of dial up for internet connection.  Many used and surfers of the internet from home or from work, will tend to use the more efficient and up to date method of broadband connection. However, it was amazingly revealed today that computing giants AOL still make the majority of their profits from the method of dial-up internet connection.

Many may be wondering whatever happened to AOL’s dial-up service and whether or not it still exists, the truth is it does and it is just as successful as ever and accounts for most of the entire company’s profits. It may be argued that this will be completely down to the fact that AOL haven’t really done much in the past few years to make a lot of profit, however, still rather impressive taking into consideration the sheer amount of internet users who have gave up on dial-up and switched to broadband packages.

After reports were released in the past few days, it was revealed that AOL is still receiving $500 million in profits every year which can obviously become funding for any research projects the company might have in the chamber. This $500 million pays off all of the company’s corporate costs each year and then still manages to make a rather hefty profit to enjoy.

AOL have in recent years started to decline and shrink from the dizzy heights of where they once were in the internet world a few years back however, the company is still managing  to keep their numbers up each year by offering their subscribers greater value for a very cheap price they pay for a sometimes slower internet connection.
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