How to Install a Dial-Up Connection in Windows ME

On most Microsoft Windows operating systems you should be able to use the automatic dial-up installation tool above, however this guide shows you how to configure your settings manually on Windows ME.

Please note, this guide only covers configuring the dialup connection itself. It does not provide information on installation and setup of your modem hardware. For assistance with this please contact either your modem or PC manufacturer.

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, select 'Settings', then select 'Dial-up Networking'.
  2. Double click the 'Make New Connection' icon.
  3. A dialogue box (as shown below) will open which will welcome you to the Network Connection Wizard, click 'next'.
    Welcome to Dial-Up Networking - Windows ME
  4. The 'Make New Connection' dialog box will appear (as shown below). In the 'Type a name for the computer you are dialing' box type the desired name for the connection, for example 'Dialup247'. Select the modem you wish to use for this connection from the pull down box. Click next.
    Make New Connection - Windows ME
  5. A new dialog box will appear. Type 0845 6043041 into the 'Telephone number' box (leave the area code blank). Ensure that the 'Country Code' is set appropriately, then click 'next'.
  6. A dialog box will be shown telling you that the connection has been successfully created. Click 'finish'.
  7. In 'Dial-up Networking' double click on the connection just created (it will be given the name assigned in step 4 above). The 'Connect To' dialup box will be displayed (as shown below). Type in the word dialup into the 'username' box and the word 247 in the 'password' box. Ensure the 'Save Password' box is ticked. Click connect to connect to the internet.
    Connect To - Windows ME

Your connection should now be ready for use.